Hereditary Prince Philip, Princess Maria da Gloria, Prince Stefan, and Hereditary Princess Danica.
The family at the Temple of Saint Sava.
Earlier this week, Hereditary Prince Philip and Hereditary Princess Danica of Serbia, along with their son Prince Stefan, welcomed the visit of Princess Maria da Gloria, Duchess of Segorbe. Prince Philip noted: “In recent days, we have been enjoying spending time with my mother, Princess Maria da Gloria of Orléans and Braganza, who visited us in Belgrade. Stefan especially enjoys the company of his grandmother, who these days takes him and welcomes him from kindergarten. I am happy that my mother is with us in Serbia. This is also her home. We proudly showed my mother the Saint Sava Temple. She is impressed with the imposing mosaics, and we are fascinated by her knowledge of Serbian history and her respect for Serbian saints. We also enjoyed a walk in Karađorđević Park.
Princess Maria da Gloria and her son Prince Philip viewing icons at St Sava.
Hereditary Princess Danica, Hereditary Prince Philip, and Princess Maria da Gloria.

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