The death notice of Princess Marie Christine.
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On 29 July 2021, Princess Marie Christine of Bourbon-Two Sicilies died at Boucq, France. The princess was eighty-seven years-old. A private burial will take place at Boucq, and a memorial service will occur at Madrid in September. Born on 15 March 1933 at Paris, Marie Christine Amélie Janvière Léopoldine Louise Jeanne Thérèse Caroline Henriette Françoise Isabelle Gabrielle Victoire de Bourbon was the only child of Luigi di Borbone, Count of Roccaguglielma (1898-1967) and his wife Marie Louise de Clermont-Tonnerre (1894-1941), who wed in 1925. Marie Christine’s paternal grandparents were Luigi di Borbone, Count of Roccaguglielma (1873-1940) and his first wife Enrica Weiss (1880-1947). Her maternal grandparents were André de Clermont-Tonnerre (1857-1927) and his wife Henriette Louise de Piat de Braux (1862-1896).

The Count and Countess of Aquila at the left and the Emperor and the Empress of Brazil on the right.
The Countess of Aquila was the sister of the Emperor of Brazil.
The Count of Aquila was the brother of the Empress of Brazil.

The paternal great-great-grandparents of Princess Marie Christine of Bourbon-Two Sicilies were Prince Luigi of the Two Sicilies, Count of Aquila, and Princess Januaria of Brazil. Luigi’s sister Princess Teresa Cristina of the Two Sicilies married Januaria’s brother Emperor Pedro II of Brazil. 

The late Michel Denizot.

In 1957, Marie Christine de Boubon married Michel Denizot (1923-2011). The couple had four children: Jean François Denizot (b.1958; married doña Maria Begoña de Elzaburu Pérez de Guzmán, 6th Marquesa de Las Claras), Marie Caroline Denizot (b.1960; married Comte Thibaut de Heere), Isabelle Denizot (b.1962), and Frédéric Denizot (b.1967; married Ariane de Chambrun).

Marie Christine was upgraded to the rank of Princess and style of HRH by Infante Don Carlos, Duke of Calabria. 

May Princess Marie Christine Rest in Peace.

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