Princess Marie of Romania

According to the website of Casa Regalâ, Princess Marie of Romania, fifth and youngest daughter of the late King Michael and Queen Anne of Romania, is not going to be celebrating Christmas at Săvârșin Castle next week. This will be the first time since the princess relocated to Romania from the United States in 2015 that she will be absent for the family Christmas gathering at their country estate.


Those members of the family who will be present are Marie’s eldest sister Margarita, Custodian of the Crown, Margarita’s husband Prince Radu, and Princess Sophie, the fourth daughter of King Michael and Queen Anne.

Princess Marie has been an active member of the Romanian royal family since 2015. However, rather oddly, the princess has not attended any events on behalf of the family or been seen in public since the reburial of her grandmother Queen Mother Helen two months ago in October 2019. It is unusual for members of the royal family who are close to the Custodian of the Crown to vanish from public life…

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