Since 1931, when the couple who most royal watchers will always think of when they hear of the Count and Countess of Paris, the descendants of this couple, Prince Henri of Orléans and Princess Isabelle of Orléans and Braganza, have entered into notable matches with members of royal and noble families – with some exceptions. In this post, we shall highlight the marital alliances of the Count and Countess of Paris, as well as of their family, as supplemented by the medium of film.

We will begin with Henri and Isabelle. Prince Henri of Orléans, Count of Paris (1908-1999) was married at Palermo on 8 April 1931 to Princess Isabelle of Orléans and Braganza (1911-2003). The Count and Countess of Paris became the parents of eleven children: Isabelle (b.1932), Henri (1933-2019), Hélène (b.1934), François (1935-1960), Anne (b.1938), Diane (b.1940), twins Michel and Jacques (b.1941), Claude (b.1943), Chantal (b.1946), and Thibaut (1948-1983). Henri and Isabelle eventually lived apart, but they never divorced.

In January 1957, Princess Hélène of Orléans wed Count Count Evrard de Limburg Stirum (1927-2001). Hélène and Evrard had four children: Countess Catherine (b.1957; married from 1988-1994 to Ortis-Armando Galrão Exposito), Count Thierry (b.1959; married since 1990 to Katia della Faille de Leverghem), Count Louis Léopold (b.1962; married since 1996 to Belén López y Montero), and Count Bruno (b.1966; married since 1995 to Countess Christine de Lannoy).

In July 1957, Prince Henri of Orléans, Count of Clermont (eventual Count of Paris), married Duchess Marie-Thérèse of Württemberg (b.1934). The couple had five children: Princess Marie (b.1959), Prince François (1961-2017; eventual Count of Clermont), Princess Blanche (b.1962), Prince Jean (b.1962; eventual Duke of Vendôme and current Count of Paris), and Prince Eudes (b.1968; eventual Duke of Angoulême; married since 1999 to Marie-Liesse de Rohan-Chabot). Henri and Marie-Thérèse legally separated in 1977 and were granted a civil divorce in 1984. Upon the divorce, Marie-Thérèse was granted the personal title “Duchess of Montpensier” by her father-in-law.

In July 1960, Princess Diane of Orléans wed Duke Carl of Württemberg (b.1936). The couple have six children: Duke Friedrich (1961-2018; married from 1993 until his death to Princess Marie of Wied), Duchess Mathilde (b.1962; married since 1988 to Count [eventual Fürst] Erich von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg), Duke Eberhard (b.1963; married since 2011 to Lucia Desiree Copf), Duke Philipp (b.1964; married since 1991 to Duchess Marie Caroline in Bavaria), Duke Michael (b.1965; married since 2006 to Julia Storz), and Duchess Fleur (b.1977; married since 2003 to Count Moritz of Goëß).

In May 1965, Princess Anne of Orléans wed Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Two Siclies, Infante of Spain (1938-2015). The couple had five children: Princess Cristina (b.1966; married since 1994 to Pedro Lopez-Quesada y Fernandez-Urrutia), Princess Maria (b.1967; married since 1996 to Archduke Simeon of Austria), Prince Pedro (b.1968; married since 2001 to doña Sofia Landaluce y Melgarejo), Princess Inès (b.1971; married since 2001 to Nobile Michele Carrelli Palombi dei Marchesi di Raiano), and Princess Victoria (b.1976; married since 2003 to Markos Nomikos).

For footage of their wedding, please visit this link:

In August 1969, Prince Jacques of Orléans, Duke of Orléans, married Gersende de Sabran-Pontevès (b.1942). The couple have three children: Princess Diane (b.1970; married from 2004 until being widowed in 2014 to Viscount Alexis de Noailles), Prince Charles-Louis (b.1972; current Duke of Chartres; married since 1997 to Illéana Manos), and Prince Foulques (b.1974; current Duke of Aumale and Count of Eu).

In May 2009, Prince Jean of Orléans, Duke of Vendôme (now Count of Paris), was joined in a religious ceremony to doña Philomena de Tornos y Steinhart (b.1977). The couple had contracted a civil marriage at Paris in March 2009. The couple have five children: Prince Gaston (b.2009), Princess Antoinette (b.2012), Princess Louise-Marguerite (b.2014), Prince Joseph (b.2016), and Princess Jacinthe (b.2018).

In September 2009, Prince Henri of Orléans, Count of Paris, entered into a religious marriage with his civil wife, Princess Micäela of Orléans, Countess of Paris (b.1938). Henri and Micäela had been civilly married in 1984, shortly after the Henri’s divorce from his first wife Marie-Thérèse. Henri and Marie-Thérèse were granted a religious annulment of their marriage in November 2008. This paved the way for Henri and Micäela to have their union recognised by the Roman Catholic church.

In June 2008, Prince Charles-Philippe d’Orléans (b.1973), eldest son of Prince Michel, Count d’Evreux, and his first wife Béatrice Pasquier de Franclieu, married Diana Alvares Pereira de Melo, Duchess of Cadaval (b.1978). The couple are the parents of one daughter, Princess Isabelle (b.2012).

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