On 9 July 1999, Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark (b.10 July 1965) wed Spanish architect Carlos Javier Morales Quintana (b.31 December 1970) at St Sophia Cathedral in London. Alexia is the eldest child of King Constantine II of the Hellenes (b.1940) and Queen Anne-Marie (b.1946; née Denmark). Carlos is the son of Luis Miguel Morales y Armas and María Teresa Quintana y González. The couple had announced their engagement on 20 March; Alexia and Carlos had met in Barcelona in 1998.

Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark and Carlos Morales Quintana have four children: Arrietta (b.2002), Ana María (b.2003), Carlos (b.2005), and Amelia (b.2007). The family lives in Spain.

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