La duchesse d’Harcourt.
Portrait (c) Carme Arisa.

Thyra de Zayas, Duchesse d’Harcourt, died on 8 November 2021. She was ninety-one years-old. 

Alfonso de Zayas.
Juliette d’Harcourt.
Born on 31 August 1930 at Palma de Mallorca, Maria Teresa “Thyra” de Zayas y d’Harcourt was the daughter of don Alfonso de Zayas y Bobadilla (1896-1970), Marques de Zayas, and his first wife Marie Gabrielle Juliette Vierne d’Harcourt (1900-1977), who wed in 1921. Thyra had five siblings: José Eugenio de Zayas y d’Harcourt (1924-2011), Margarita de Zayas y d’Harcourt, Carlos de Zayas y d’Harcourt, Carmen de Zayas y d’Harcourt, and Luis de Zayas y d’Harcourt. 
The history of the Marqués de Zayas.
Revista Hidalguía número 73. Año 1965, p. 775.
Thyra’s paternal grandparents were Bartolomé de Zayas y Borrás and María del Pilar Bobadilla y Escrivá de Romaní. Her maternal grandparents were Count Eugène d’Harcourt (1859-1918) and Armande de Pierre de Bernis (1876-?). Thyra’s maternal uncle was Count Bruno d’Harcourt, who married Princess Isabelle d’Orléans.
François, Duke of Harcourt.
On 17 January 1961, Thyra de Zayas married François, 11th Duc d’Harcourt (1902-1997). The couple were third cousins. Their common ancestors were Eugène, 8th Duc d’Harcourt, Duc de Beuvron and Aglaé Terray. François and Thyra did not have children.
Thyra, Duchess of Harcourt.
Photo (c) Getty Images / Simon Cochard.
The funeral of the duchesse d’Harcourt took place at l’église de Thury-Harcourt on 13 November 2021, and she was buried in the chapel of the Château d’Harcourt. A mass for the duchesse will be held at the Basilique Saint-Clotilde in Paris on 23 November 2021.

May Thyra Rest in Peace.

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