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Mr Paul Brandram passed away on 9 May 2020 at his home in Combrook, Warwickshire. He was seventy-two years-old. Paul was a nephew of King George II of Greece, King Alexander of Greece, King Paul of Greece, Queen Mother Helen of Romania, and Princess Irene, Duchess of Aosta (onetime Queen of Croatia). Amongst his first cousins, Paul counted Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia,  King Michael of Romania, King Constantine II of Greece, Queen Sofīa of Spain, and Duke Amedeo of Savoy.

Princess Katherine of Greece and Denmark

Major Richard Campbell Brandram and Princess Katherine of Greece and Denmark

Richard Paul George Andrew Brandram was born at London on 1 April 1948; one of Paul’s godfathers was his mother’s cousin Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Paul was the only child of Major Richard Campbell Brandram (1911-1994) and Princess Katherine of Greece and Denmark (1913-2007). Richard, a member of the British Royal Artillery, and Katherine were wed at Athens on 21 April 1947. After her marriage, Paul’s mother assumed the style and title of “Lady Catherine Brandram.”

A charming photograph of the newborn Paul Brandram.
Photograph (c) International News Photo
Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, holds Paul Brandram at his christening in 1948.

Paul’s maternal grandparents were King Constantine I of the Hellenes (1868-1923) and Queen Sophie (1870-1932; née Princess of Prussia). Paul’s paternal grandparents were Richard Andrew Brandram (1874-1962), the founder of the Bickley Park School in Kent, and Maud Campbell Blaker (1877-1971).
King Constantine II of Greece, a best man, and Lady Helen Windsor, a bridesmaid, at the wedding of Paul Brandram and Jennifer Steele in 1975.
Photograph (c) Alamy.
On 12 February 1975, Paul Brandram married Jennifer Diane Steele (b.1951) at London. The couple had three children: Sophie (b.1981), Nicholas “Nick” (b.1982), and Alexia (b.1985). Paul and Jennifer eventually divorced. In 2009 Paul married Kate Moreton Warhurst. Mr Brandram is survived by his wife, children, and grandchildren. According to the research of royal genealogist Daniel Willis, Paul Brandram was 524th in the line of succession to the British throne.
May Paul Rest In Peace.

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