Today, Infanta Margarita of Spain, Duchess of Soria and Hernani, and Dr. Carlos Zurita y Delgado celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary!

Margarita and Carlos.

Born on 6 March 1939 at Rome, Infanta Margarita of Spain was the third child and second daughter of Infante Juan of Spain and Princess María de las Mercedes of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, who wed in 1935. Margarita was baptized in Rome on 11 March 1939; her godparents were her paternal uncle Infante Jaime of Spain, Duke of Segovia, and her maternal aunt, Princess Esperanza of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. Margarita was born with an impediment that severely affected her vision. In her memoirs, Margarita’s mother the Countess of Barcelona wrote: “One day when the baby was about two months, her nanny told me: ‘I have something to report to you. I am worried for the girl cannot see her hands when she moves them.’ I went to her crib and moved my hands in front of her eyes and realized that she did not notice any movement. We had a specialist come and see, but his diagnosis was that nothing could be done. We never gave up and continued bringing Margarita to other specialists. Finally, and when we had settled in Portugal, a leading eye specialist told us that there was nothing that could be done. She can see light and shadows and rarely something more.” In the 1940s, the Count and Countess of Barcelona moved to Switzerland, where they resided with Queen Victoria Eugenia in Lausanne. It was there that Infanta Margarita began her education; she attended an institute for the visually impaired. In her memoirs, the Countess of Barcelona recounts that regardless of Margarita’s vision problems, that the infanta was raised as if she had no physical impediments. María de las Mercedes noted that her daughter Margarita was unstoppable and daring: “Margarita would follow the children and get into all sorts of trouble. She even once managed to climb on the roof of the Château d’Eu.” The Countess of Barcelona noted that Margarita had a deep affection for children. When, in 1954, the infanta was not invited to attend the Agamemnon cruise, Margarita was consoled because her brother Alfonso had not been invited either, due to his young age, and so she was able to spend more time with him. While at school in Lausanne, Margarita memorized the route to her school, so she walked alone as she knew she did not need an attendant. Infanta Margarita possesses an extraordinary memory, which certainly led to her easily becoming a polyglot: she is fluent in Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian. When Prince Axel and Princess Margaretha of Denmark visited the Barcelona couple at Estorial, Infanta Margarita met the couple at the airport and accompanied them to the Villa Giralda. Margaretha remarked to Margarita’s mother: “How can she possibly manage it? She spoke Swedish with me and Danish with Axel. She made no mistakes, and even I make them when speaking Danish.” Like her older sister Pilar, Margarita studied nursing. The infanta is a great fan of music, irregardless of the genre!

Born on 9 October 1943 at Málaga, Carlos Zurita y Delgado was the son of Dr. Carlos Zurita González-Vidalte and Carmen Delgado Fernández de Santaella. Carlos studied medicine at the University of Seville. He went on to receive his doctorate from the Spanish College in Bologna, Italy. Carlos Zurita became a specialist in the respiratory and circulatory systems. 

On 12 October 1972 at Estorial, Infanta Margarita of Spain and Dr. Carlos Zurita were married at the Church of Saint Anthony. The Spanish royal family was in full force: the Count and Countess of Barcelona, Prince Juan Carlos and Princess Sofía with three children, as well as Infanta Pilar and her husband Luis Gómez y Acebo. Among the other guests were Infanta Cristina, Countess Marone; Princess Alicia, Duchess of Calabria; Princess Dolores of Bourbon-Two Sicilies; Queen Mother Giovanna of Bulgaria and her brother-in-law King Umberto II of Italy.
The witnesses for the bride were Prince Ataúlfo (who represented his father Infante Alfonso, Duke of Galliera), the Duke of Badajoz, Prince Adan Czarstoryski, and Prince Marino Torlonia. The witnesses for the groom were his father Dr. Carlos Zurita González-Vidalte and his brothers Emilio, Juan Carlos and Javier, as well as his maternal uncle José Juan Delgado Fernández de Santaella.

 Our best wishes to the couple on their anniversary!

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