The Prince Yourievsky.
Photograph (c) Michael Krasser Fotografie.

Today, HSH Prince Yourievsky celebrates his sixtieth birthday!

A photograph of Prince Alexander and Princess Ursula Yourievksy, the couple sitting in the centre of the picture, on their wedding day in 1957.

Born on 8 December 1961 at St. Gallen, Switzerland, Prince Hans-Georg “George” Yourievsky was the only child of Prince Alexander Yourievsky (1900-1988) and his wife Princess Ursula (1925-2001; née Beer de Grüneck), who wed in 1957. Prince George’s paternal grandparents were Prince George Yourievsky (1872-1913), the son of Emperor Alexander II of Russia and his morganatic second wife Princess Catherine Dolgoruky, and Countess Alexandra von Zarnekau (1883-1957), the daughter of Duke Constantine Petrovich of Oldenburg and his morganatic wife Agrippina Constantinovna Japaridze. Prince George Yourievsky is a descendant several times over of Emperor Paul I of Russia, not only through his paternal grandfather, but also through his paternal grandmother.

Prince George and Princess Elinkonida Yourievsky.
Photo (c) Michael Krasser Fotografie.
In 2003, Prince George Yourievsky married Katharina Verhagen (b.1964). The couple divorced in 2012. In 2013, the prince married Elikonida Silvia Trumpp (b.1968). Prince George and Princess Elikonida Yourievsky reside in Switzerland. The Prince Yourievsky is a second (half) cousin once removed of Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia, a second (half) cousin twice removed of Fürst Andreas zu Leiningen, and a second (half) cousin twice removed of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia.
Our best wishes to the Prince Yourievsky on his birthday!

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