The remains of Queen Mother Helen of Romania (1896-1982; née Princess of Greece and Denmark) were repatriated from Switzerland to Romania on Friday, 18 October. After her death in 1982, Her Majesty was buried at the Bois-de-Vaux Cemetery in Lausanne. During his lifetime, her only child King Michael had expressed the wish that he and his mother be buried near one another; the king died in 2017, and was buried at the New Royal Mausoleum of Curtea de Argeş alongside his wife, Queen Anne. This weekend, this desire of His Majesty to be near his mother will be fulfilled.

Queen Mother Helen’s coffin was transported from Switzerland to Otopeni Airport, Bucharest, aboard a plane from the fleet of the Romanian Air Force. The plane was met by three granddaughters of the Queen Mother: Crown Princess Margarita, Princess Sophie, and Princess Marie. Numerous religious and political figures were also present for the religious ceremony at the airport.

From there, Her Majesty the Queen Mother’s remains were taken to Elisabeta Palace, and they were then brought to Curtea de Argeş. There an intimate family circle convened to remember the Queen Mother and to prepare for her reburial in the New Royal Mausoleum on Saturday. Those present were Crown Princess Margarita and her husband Prince Radu, Princess Sophie, Princess Marie, Prince Nicholas and his wife Princess Alina Maria.

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