Princess Traute of Lippe.
Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger.

Today, 16 February 2020, Princess Traute of Lippe marks her ninety-fifth birthday.

Princess Traute and Prince Armin of Lippe in 1997.
Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger.

The princess was born Traute Becker on 16 February 1925 at Hänigsen, Germany. She was the daughter of Gustav Becker (1893-1963) and Charlotte Meyer (1893-1978), who had married in 1922.

Prince Armin and Princess Traute of Lippe in 1997.
Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger.
Armin’s parents: Fürst Leopold IV zur Lippe and Fürstin Anna.

In March 1953, Traute Becker married Prince Armin of Lippe (Detmold 18 August 1924-Detmold 20 August 2015). Armin was the only son of Fürst Leopold IV of Lippe (1871-1949) and his second wife Princess Anna zu Isenburg und Büdingen in Büdingen (1886-1980), who wed in 1922. Six years after their wedding, Traute and Armin welcomed their only child, a son: Hereditary Prince Stephan (b.Detmold 24 May 1959).

Princess Traute and Prince Armin of Lippe with son Prince Stephan, daughter-in-law Princess Maria, and their three grandsons: Prince Bernhard, Prince Heinrich, and Prince Wilhelm. (January 2000)
Photograph (c) Presse-Foto-Seeger.

In October 1994, Traute’s son Prince Stephan of Lippe married Countess Maria zu Solms-Laubach. Born in 1968, Princess Maria of Lippe is the daughter of Count Otto zu Solms-Laubach (1926-1973) and Princess Madeleine zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (b.1936), who married in 1958. Stephan and Maria gave Traute and Armin five grandchildren: Bernhard (b.1995), Heinrich (b.1997), Wilhelm (b.1999), Luise (b.2001), and Mathilde (b.2003). Traute’s son Stephan succeeded as the Head of House Lippe in 2015 when Prince Armin passed away.

Princess Traute of Lippe lives in Detmold. We wish the Princess many happy returns of the day!

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