Yesterday (20 Nov.), Princess Sophie of Prussia (née Isenberg) attended the 2019 Tribute to Bambi at the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden.

The following is a summary of the annual Tribute to Bambi charitable event at the Kurhaus:

The TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation supports relief projects throughout Germany for children and adolescents in need, and draws attention to grievances and issues that are under-recognized in society. 

When Patricia Riekel and Philipp Welte launched TRIBUTE To BAMBI in 2001, their vision was to harness the power of Germany’s most important media prize to help children in critical life situations. The red carpet of BAMBI should not only bring glamor to a city, but leave something good for the weakest in our society. 

Since then, the charity event takes place annually in the fall. National and international stars as well as well-known partners from business and the media collect donations for the sponsored projects of our foundation. The charity event is being organized by Hubert Burda Media in favor of the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation, under operational responsibility and under cover of all costs.

Princess Sophie and her husband, Prince Georg Friedrich, the Head of the Prussian Royal Family, have presumably had a rather stressful time as of late. For some period, Georg Friedrich has been attending to negotiate a sort of restitution agreement between the State of Brandenburg and the Prussian royal family. However, when they were made public several months ago, the prince’s claims were greeted with increasing hostility by a number of media outlets. Among other things, Prince Georg Friedrich is seeking for his family to have the right to reside in a floor of Schloß Cecilienhof, which was constructed for his great-grandmother, Crown Princess Cecile of Germany (née Mecklenburg-Schwerin).

Princess Sophie and Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia (2011)

Georg Friedrich and Sophie are the parents of four young children: Princes Carl Friedrich and Louis Ferdinand (b.2013; twins), Princess Emma (b.2015), and Prince Heinrich (b.2017).

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