Princess Hélène of France, Countess de Limburg Stirum

Princess Hélène of France and Count Evrard de Limburg Stirum.

Just as stunning as her mother, Princess Hélène of France married Count Evrard de Limburg Stirum at the Chapel Royal St Louis de Dreux, France, on January 17, 1957!


Hélène was born in Brussels in 1934, the third child of his parents. She was preceded by Isabelle and Henri. She was followed by: François, Anne, Diane, Jacques, Michel, Claude, Chantal, and Thibaut.

Count Evrard was the son of Count Thierry de Limburg Stirum and his wife the former Princess Marie-Immaculé of Croÿ. He was born at the Château d’Huldenberg, his family’s ancient home, on October 31, 1927.

Thierry and Hélène had four children: Catherine (b. 1957), Thierry (b. 1959), Louis (b. 1962), and Bruno (b. 1966). They have given their parents a total of ten grandchildren!

Princess Hélène became a widow in 2001. She continues residing at Huldenberg surrounded by many of her descendants.

Count Evrard and Princess Hélène, with the Count de Clermont and the Prince of Asturias (later King Juan Carlos I of Spain).


Princess Hélène of France.

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