Prince Antônio being discharged from hospital on 11 April 2020
Picture (c) Pró Monarquia

Prince Antônio of Brazil has been discharged from hospital after his recovery from the coronavirus. Antônio, who is sixty-nine years-old, is the brother of the head of the Brazilian imperial family, Prince Luiz. He is a son of Prince Pedro Henrique of Brazil and Princess Maria of Bavaria. 


Three weeks ago, Dom Antônio was admitted to the São José Hospital in Rio de Janeiro. Since that time, Antônio has been attended to by his wife, Princess Christine, and his son, Prince Rafael. Along with three brothers and two sisters-in-law, Antônio contracted the coronavirus while attending an engagement party for one of his nephews. Of the five members who had COVID-19, the prince experienced the most severe symptoms and eventually came done with pneumonia as a result. 

Antônio’s brother Prince Bertrand released a message on Friday to inform the public that Antônio was about to go home. Once it was known that Antônio was to leave hospital on Saturday, the imperial family had words of praise for the medical workers who had taken care of their brother: “We thank you for the professionalism and attention of the whole team of doctors and nurses who took care of His Highness.

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