Late in November 2021, Paul Lambrino (aka Prince Paul of Hohenzollern / Prince Paul of Romania) appears to have been photographed in the French capital. Monsieur Lambrino was seemingly shown attending a dinner for the Club des Leaders in Paris. As reported by Romania-Insider in December 2020, “Paul-Philippe al Romaniei, also known as Prince Paul of Romania, the grandson of King Carol II of Romania, has become a wanted person as the Police are trying to get him to jail, where he has to serve a 40-month sentence in a corruption case. Romania’s High Court (ICCJ) on December 17 announced the final sentences in the ‘Royal Farm’ corruption case, including a final 40-month sentence for Prince Paul.” Paul Lambrino is the subject of an arrest warrant by the Romanian government for the crimes of which he was found guilty. Hopefully, he will be found and brought to justice.

The “Wanted Person” notice of Paul al Romaniei.


Romanian prince becomes wanted person to serve jail sentence in corruption case

Prince Paul of Romania is now a wanted fugitive

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