Acte de Naissance of Princess Maria Pia of Bourbon-Two Sicilies

On this day in history, Maria delle Grazie Pia Chiara Anna Teresa Isabella Luitgarda Apollonia Agata Cecilia Filomena Antonia Lucia Cristina Caterina di Borbone was born on 12 August 1878. The princess, who became known as Maria Pia, was born at 10:00am in Grasse, Cannes. One of the witnesses on the Acte de Naissance of the princess was Pierre Antoine Cotte, an insurance agent and commercial clerk in Cannes.

Prince Alfonso, Count of Caserta.
Princess Maria Antonietta, Countess of Caserta. 

Maria Pia’s father was Prince Alfonso of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Count of Caserta; he was thirty-seven years-old when his daughter was born. Through her father, the princess was a granddaughter of King Ferdinando II of the Two Sicilies and Queen Theresa (née Archduchess of Austria). Maria Pia’s mother was Princess Maria Antonietta of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Countess of Caserta; she was twenty-seven years-old when her daughter arrived. Through her mother, the princess was a granddaughter of Prince Francesco di Paola, Count of Trapani, and Princess Isabella (née Archduchess of Austria-Tuscany). Maria Pia’s parents were paternal first cousins.

Princess Maria Pia
Prince Imperial Luiz of Brazil
Acte de Mariage of Prince Luiz of Brazil and Princess Maria Pia of Bourbon-Two Sicilies 
The death notice for Prince Luiz of Brazil

On 3 November 1908 at Cannes, Princess Maria Pia of the Two Sicilies married her second cousin Prince Luiz of Orléans-Bragança, the son of Prince Gaston of Orléans, Count of Eu, and Princess Imperial Isabel of Brazil. Maria Pia and Luiz had three children: Prince Pedro Henrique (1909-1981), Prince Luiz Gastão (1911-1931), and Princess Pia Maria (1913-2000). Widowed in 1920, Princess Maria Pia died on 20 June 1973 at Mandelieu; she was ninety-four years-old.

The Prince Imperial and Princess Imperial of Brazil
Princess Imperial Isabel and Prince Gaston with their son Prince Luiz and his wife Princess Maria Pia together with their children Prince Pedro Henrique, Prince Luiz Gastão, and Princess Pia Maria.

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