Nicholas and Alina-Maria of Romania Attend A Noble Wedding At Schloß Hardenberg

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This past weekend, Nicholas and Alina-Maria of Romania were guests at the wedding of Countess Pauline von Hardenberg and Mr Gregor Roy Chowdhury. The celebrations took place at Schloß Hardenberg, the family home of the bride.

Countess Pauline von Hardenberg (b.1982) is the eldest daughter of Count Carl von Hardenberg (b.1955) and Countess Marie Sabine (b.1953; née von Jagow). Gregor Roy Chowdhury is a son of Mr Shuvendu Basu Roy Chowdhury (b.1942) and Countess Katalin Mikes de Zabola (b.1944). Gregor’s maternal grandparents, the late Count Sándor Mikes de Zabola (1905-1945) and Countess Eva Mikes de Zabola (1905-1978), were third cousins once removed through their common descent from Count Sámuel Bethlen de Bethlen (1762-1810).

Pauline von Hardenberg is a photographer. Previously an investment banker in London, Gregor Roy Chowdhury now helps manage his family home at Mikes Castle together with his brother Alexander. Nicholas and Alina-Maria are close friends of Mr Roy Chowdhury and the Mikes de Zabola family.

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