Archduchess Sophie Franziska Maria Germaine of Austria was born on 19 January 1959 at Boulogne-sur-Seine in Paris. The archduchess was the second child and second daughter of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria (1918-2004) and Archduchess Helen (b.1937; née Törring-Jettenbach), who were wed in 1956. Sophie joined an older sister, Archduchess Elisabeth (1957-1983), and was followed by a younger brother, Archduke Maximilian (b.1961). Sophie’s paternal grandparents were Archduke Maximilian of Austria (1895-1952) and Princess Franziska of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst (1897-1989); her maternal grandparents were Count Carl Theodor of Törring-Jettenbach (1900-1967) and Princess Elisabeth of Greece and Denmark (1904-1955).

In early 1990, Archduchess Sophie of Austria married Prince Mariano Hugo of Windisch-Grätz (b.1955). The couple have three children: Hereditary Prince Maximilian (b.1990), Prince Alexis (1991-2010), and Princess Larissa. Before she became a wife and mother, Sophie had worked as a fashion journalist and as a muse to Valentino.

For the past ten years, Sophie of Austria has channeled her creative energies into creating a line of elegant and timeless handbags.
Although Sophie’s website is currently being updated, do visit it in the future: Sophie Habsburg

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