Boris Saxe Coburg Gotta with the “Pivotal” sculpture.
Photograph (c) Boris Saxe Coburg Gotha

Earlier this week, London-based sculptor Boris Saxe Coburg Gotha (also known as Prince Boris of Bulgaria) gave an AMA (Ask Me Anything) segment on his Instagram. The questions posed to him and the answers he provided are given below for the reader to learn more about Boris’s career, interests, and life.


Q: How did you get inspired to start a business of such unique sculptures?

A: It started for charity! But I enjoy puzzling concepts and making pieces that challenge the viewer. 

Q: Who are the artists that inspire you or that you admire the most?

A: I love Richard Serra, Kandinsky, Miró, Donald Judd, Rusha, and Russian de-constructivism. But I take inspiration from anything and everything. I love science, engineering, and design, so there’s many more areas of inspiration and interest. 

Q: How’s the Covid situation in London? 

A: Better, we can now walk in the park with one person [while] maintaining social distance. The vaccine is being rolled out very quickly.

Q: How has art and your work helped you during the Covid lockdowns? 

A: It’s kept me busy and more motivated. It also helped me develop and grow. It’s been an amazing journey so far!

Q: What song can’t you get enough of these days?

A: The Business by Tiësto. This song has been stuck! Not my usual genre, but for some reason [I cannot stop listening to it].

Q: As someone who wears glasses and wears a mask, how do you avoid your glasses fogging up?

A: I can’t! It’s a constant problem for people who wear glasses!

Q: Which one of your pieces is your favourite so far?

A: I really loved making this one [the “Passion” sculpture]! I want to try out more concepts around this. I’m also working on some text art works with lights. But I am most proud of the one I did to raise money for charity!

Q: Do you make sculptures in bronze or steel?

A: Not yet, but I would love to make this one out of bronze or steel! I am open for commissions! 

Q: What is your next project? Are you planning on designing furniture, for instance?

A: I have many projects in mind. It’s hard to materialise them as I don’t have a proper studio. There is a table concept that I’d love to produce!

Q: Do you have some sort of record of where your sculptures go?

A: Yes! I keep track of everything! There are sculptures from Peru to Bulgaria, from the Middle East to Spain!

Q: What is the first place you’ll visit when there are no restrictions?

A: I’m not sure, but I can’t wait to travel and see friends!

Q: What time of day do you find you’re most creative?

A: Always at night. I had the idea for this table [that I made] in the middle of the night, and spent the whole night and day making it!

Q: Aside from making modern sculpture, what are your other interests?

A: There are too many! I’m a very curious person and I’m interested in a lot, but here are just a few things: engineering, photography and photogrammetry, Formula One, Sim driving, opals and gemstones, technology and phones, playing the drums, philosophy, geology and zoology. I could go [on] for ages.

Q: What’s your favourite food or meal?

A: I love all kinds of food. I love trying new things, but if I had to choose one cuisine it would be Mediterranean or Japanese. 


Boris Saxe Coburg Gotha studied at the University of Arts London from 2016-2019; there he earned a BFA in Fine Art Sculpture. He was previously educated at the Lycée Français Molière in Villanueva de la Cañada near Madrid. Boris lives in London. 

Born in 1997, Prince Boris of Bulgaria is the son of Crown Princess Miriam of Bulgaria, a jewellery designer better known as Miriam de Ungria, and the late Crown Prince Kardam of Bulgaria. Boris is a grandson of King Simeon II of Bulgaria and his wife Queen Margarita. Boris has one brother, Prince Beltran.

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Boris Saxe Coburg Gotha raised £1,280 for the National Health Service. On his fundraiser’s webpage, he gave the following statement for his desire to help in some way:

I wanted to first and foremost thank everyone in the NHS, whether you are a nurse, doctor or volunteer, for all your relentless efforts in containing this Virus.

As we begin to see the loosening of restrictions, the return to normality, we look back at how this crisis has affected everyone. One way or another everyone has seen a change in their life or will have to adapt to the times to come. The NHS has seen the worst side of this pandemic but it is far from over. The NHS Charities Together supports over 250 charities under their umbrella, from staff, to equipment and anything in between. Their Covid relief campaign has raised over £100 Million and they continue to gather more and more donations.

With this fundraiser I aim to contribute to their efforts. Please share with all your friends and donate anything you can. Just Giving is truly a great platform. Alternatively you can donate directly to the Covid Relief with the link above. This campaign is aiming to collect £1000 through donations. As an artist I wanted to use my platform and art for the better good and at the end of the campaign my sculpture will go to the highest donor.

To learn more about the works of Boris Saxe Coburg Gotha, please see his website: BSCG.

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