A Gotha Quiz: Who Am I?

By Darren Shelton for the European Royal History Journal.

Upon my birth, I was the product of an interesting and varied family tree. My bloodline teamed with the bluest of blood from the best of reigning families, to a sprinkling of a more “wild and romantic variety” from the steppes of Europe, to the more solid aristocracy of my native land. My father, a quiet man, led the life of a country gentleman, while my mother, born to a poor family of ancient lineage, was more adventurous in spirit. An only child, I led a very quiet life on the edges of royalty. Great-granddaughter to one of the wealthiest men of the land, and great niece to a queen, I ultimately married a man who bore no rank. My wedding caused a mild furore in my family due to my future husband’s parent’s martial status, and as a result, more exalted personages stayed away. In the end I had the last laugh as my marriage, so disappointing to many, turned out to be a success. With my death came the end of my line. 

The answer will be revealed on Friday.

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