Through the official Facebook page of the Bagration-Mukhransky family as well as reports in the Georgian media, it has been ascertained that Prince David Bagration (b.1976) has a daughter. Princess Anamaria Bagration-Mukhransky was born on 11 January 2011; she recently turned eleven years-old. Her mother is Davit’s current wife, Princess Irina (née Begashvili), who the prince married in 2020. According to press reports, Davit and Irina met before the prince married Princess Anna Bagration-Gruzinsky in 2009. They ended their relationship for a time, but it was clearly rekindled at some point. As is already known, Prince Davit and Princess Anna had one son, Prince Giorgi (b.2011), before divorcing in 2013. 


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