Fürstin Margarete with her dogs, ~1955.

Sixty years ago, on 16 October 1962, Fürstin Margarete of Hohenzollern died at Freiburg im Breisgau. She was sixty-two years-old.

Margarete of Saxony.

Born on 24 January 1900 at Dresden, Princess Margarete Karola Wilhelmine Viktoria Adelheid Albertine Petrusa Bertram Paula of Saxony was the fifth child and second surviving daughter of eventual King Friedrich August III of Saxony and Archduchess Luisa of Austria-Tuscany. Margarete had six siblings: Crown Prince Georg “Jury” (1893-1943), Prince Friedrich Christian “Tia” (1893-1968; married Princess Elisabeth Helene of Thurn and Taxis), Prince Ernst Heinrich “Erni” (1896-1971; married 1st Princess Sophie of Luxembourg; married 2nd Virginia Dulon), Princess Maria (1898-1898), Princess Maria Alix “Lalli” (1901-1990; married Prince Franz Joseph of Hohenzollern-Emden), and Princess Anna Monica “Anni” (1903-1976; married 1st Archduke Joseph Franz of Austria; married 2nd Reginald Kazanjian).

Friedel and Margarete.

On 2 June 1920 at Sibyllenort, Princess Margarete of Saxony married Prince Friedrich “Friedel” of Hohenzollern (1891-1965; eventual Fürst of Hohenzollern), the son of Fürst Wilhelm of Hohenzollern and his first wife Princess Maria Teresa of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. Margarete’s sister Lalli went on to marry Margarete’s brother-in-law Joschi in 1921.

Left to right: Princess Margarete holding Prince Franz Joseph, Princess Maria Adelgunde, King Friedrich August with Princess Maria Theresia in front of him, Princess Maria Antonia, and Prince Friedrich with Prince Friedrich Wilhelm, ~1927.
Fürstin Margarete and her eldest son Prince Friedrich Wilhelm, 1928.
Fürstin Margarete and her son Prince Johann Georg, 1934.
Fürstin Margarete on the ski slopes with her daughters Princess Maria Antonia and Princess Maria Adelgunde, 1935.
Fürstin Margarete and her youngest child Prince Ferfried, 1943.

Margarete and Friedrich had seven children: Princess Maria Antonia “Mimi” (1921-2011; married Count Heinrich von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee), Princess Maria Adelgunde “Mädi” (1921-2006; married 1st Prince Konstantin of Bavaria; married 2nd Werner Hess; married 3rd Hans Huber), Princess Maria Theresia “Hesi” (1922-2004), Fürst Friedrich Wilhelm “Fritz” (1924-2010; married Princess Margarita zu Leiningen), Prince Franz Josef “Frale” (1926-1996; married 1st Princess Maria Fernanda of Thurn and Taxis; married 2nd Princess Diane of Bourbon-Parma), Prince Johann Georg “Hansi” (1932-2016; married Princess Birgitta of Sweden), and Prince Ferfried (1943-2022; married 1st Angela von Morgen; married 2nd Eliane Etter; married 3rd Maja Meinert). 

Left to right: Princess Maria Alix of Hohenzollern, Queen Marie of Romania, Prince Franz Joseph of Hohenzollern-Emden, King Ferdinand of Romania, Fürst Wilhelm of Hohenzollern, Fürstin Adelgunde of Hohenzollern, Princess Margarete of Hohenzollern, and Prince Friedrich of Hohenzollern, ~1927 at Schloß Sigmaringen. 
A happy couple on holiday: Margarete and Friedel whilst on a cruise on the Nile River, 1960.

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